June 15, 2011

A lazy rainy day and Goli Vada Pav

There is a certain excitement when the rains come on, the first rain of the season is indeed joyous and one can sees children prancing in the rain, and the young at heart enjoying the walk in the rain. Its such a pleasure to just be in the 'moment', not to have to worry on falling ill, getting the clothes slushy or getting a sermon at home on our impulsive behavior:-). Indians get highly romantic over the first rains and every second movie features a song and dance sequence in the rain. Who can forget the song from the Raj Kapoor - Nargis starrer, Shree 420, pyaar hua ikraar....

However, once the rainy season sets in, we don't enjoy it anymore; suddenly the romance with the rain is over! All we are left with is the blocked and choked drains, bad roads, traffic snarls, damp clothes, walking in slush, wading through waters, dirty footwear, often leading to blocked noses too!!

Personally, having grown up in Bombay, monsoons remind me of having freshly roasted 'bhutta' (corn) with liberal doses of chilli /lime sprinkling. Or having garma-garam aloo tikki:-). Yesterday was one such day in Chennai! We had sudden showers and the first rains to mark the season. Ended up driving in the rain and caught up with Goli vada pav at Express Avenue and came home happy!!

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