February 26, 2011

Perfect weekend

Had a lazy weekend with window shopping at Express Avenue and yeah, some real shopping too!! But the best part of the afternoon was the discovery of Goli Vada Pav in Chennai!! They have a small stall in the ground floor and I gorged on it... Amazing how childhood memories are so strong and latent. 

I never thought I missed my vada pav much and infact having stayed in every metro since, I have become quite unattached to any city or rather attached to every city (depends on how you look at it, I guess:)), or so I thought... But Vada pav sure seems to have a permanent place in my heart, to use a cliche.

And now you readers might want to know if it was as good as the ones in the Streets of Mumbai... Well the verdict is Yes... I loved my vada pav.... but I wonder why they don't think the red powder is important to vada pav.. I had to request them to use it... Vada pav without the red thingy is like having Gujarathi dishes without adding the sugar component. Venky Iyer better train the Chennai fellows the nuances and speciality of Vada pav. But the vada pav capped my lazy afternoon and I came away happy and Dilkush, not for the purchases but for the Goli Vada Pav at Express Avenue..

I wonder why there were no big billboards about the Vada pav joint there, I might have almost missed it! I think it ought to have a bigger display announcing its arrival in Chennai

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