February 27, 2011

Ah, Life in an Apartment!!

Like many of us in Indian cities, I live in an "apartment" and there are many greats to doing so! Well yes, sometimes, we do wish we could live in luxury of a "house", but as we all know, Antilia is facing a lot of flak and I would rather live in anonymity than be neighbours' envy:)

Anyway, getting back to living with a potpourri of neighbours, I just realised that life in an apartment can be a great leveler. For example, we have every single car of almost all companies in our apartment... we have the Nano, Alto, Swift, Santro, A-Star, Zen, Chevy Beat, Getz, Accent, Ford Fiesta, Corolla, Honda City, Ford Endeavor, Innova and the grand BMW SUV... What a range!! 

All these manage to get parked and its fun to see these cars of all hues!! Being in Chennai, we have most models of bikes & scooters too!! 'wonder what their conversation will be if they can have one:-). Will it be as snooty / artificial, as their owners? Or will they plot to swap places for a day? Will they have role reversal games for entertainment? Will they help each other out in times of trouble?

Maybe we could make a Herbie movie out of these cars:-) Or better still would be a sequel to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:-) Will be interesting, no doubt, any takers from the film industry?

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