February 18, 2011

Indian Democracy - clarified by none other than Manmohan Singh!

I am so glad our Prime Minister clarified the current state of anarchy India finds itself in!! In his interactions with the media a couple of days back, he explained it all as, Coalition Politics... "My hands are tied" he cried:). How ridiculous and pathetic to hear your Prime Minsiter on National Television express his helplessness in the most abominable manner... Its bad enough to have him watch the goings on in silence, but to call the media and say that he can't do a thing, does carry it far.

This further vindicates my earlier post on Indian Democracy:-). What more can I want than the PM of India agree with me!

Sceptics will like to argue that besides having my blogpost vindicated, have I been successful in rooting out corruption?? Well, the answer is a No, for now... but I am positive there will be few readers who may like to join hands to fight the rot in our country today. We need a movement in our country and there is need for like minded individuals and organizations to get together and act responsibly.

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