February 18, 2011

World Cup 2011

The cricket World Cup has just begun and media is doing its best to whip up a frenzy among the Indians to get excited and start breathing cricket, every moment, if possible. I am not sure if I seem to be to be missing something here! There is a marked lack of interest in cricket amongst us, as compared to 4/5 years ago... This, in my opinion is a very good thing.. We are having an overdose of it in terms of IPL and also increased matches between countries. And the scams and corruption in IPL last year has given cricket a beating:-). I, for one, am not complaining.

I always felt that our cricketers enjoyed a demi - God status in our country... Its rather incongrous and a number of other sportsmen who excel in their sport don't even get a mention in the papers or TV. This kind of correction or change is really welcome. Its a sign of a maturing population. Oh, I don't have anything against the Sport. Actually, I do enjoy watching the game but clearly it was an overdose and there's just too much of it.

Well, its not as if nobody is interested in the game, but the madness has considerable reduced. Its still early times and before we know it, two weeks from now, the nation may just be living, walking, talking, cricket! And many parents are really very worried.. the World Cup has barely started, there is just four days separating the finals on April 2 and this years' IPL!! And its bang at the time of final examinations. Many parents I know are unplugging the Cable Network but kids will always find their ways to work around such bans:-)

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