November 4, 2008

US Prez

Well, the whole world is talking, discussing and analysing the two candidates and I've been bitten by the bug too!!! In India we get to read who will be good from an Indian perspective and blah and blah.. So far I have only come across the following reasons why McCain is better than Obama, for India.
  • McCain does not advocate a protectionist (against outsourcing and against farm subsidies) regime while Obama favours
  • McCain will continue the nuclear deal agreement as a true Bush successor but Obama does not favour supplying nuclear fuel to India
However, an important factor for India which no one has pointed out (to my knowledge ofcourse) is that Obama is keen to pull up Pakistan and is convinced about Paki terrorism. So, I would say Obama is very good for India. Well, personally, I've been rooting for Obama right from the beginning of this year and I hope like he delivers what he's promised during the Campaign - Change. I am sure you all agree we've had enough of the Clintons and Bush's for 2 decades now... Surely, Obama brings a freshness to US politics and to the World.


MOM said...

After all the presidential campaign and debates , the fund raising party took the cake. It speaks volumes about Obama's personality. A definite lesson for our politicians.

Raji said...

Yeah, I was also extremely impressed when I learnt that Obama used the new age media applications like texting, you tube etc to the hilt. Apparently, the donations he received were all small amounts and the average was ~ 82$/individual.

Odeen said...

Yay!! O-B-A-M-A!! His biopic in TIME was quite a good read and shows a lot of credibility. I've seen your blog after a long time and must say that it looks very lively and fresh.

Raji said...

Thanks Odeen. I love compliments on my blog. and its really (rather literally) fresh... changed the template only yesterday:-).

R. Vijayalakshmi said...

Its a nice blog Raji. Easy on the eye!