November 3, 2008

My fav Columnists

I've been posting about current affairs in this blog. Want to know who inspire and spur me on to blog?? There are a few of them who write well and I like them for their insight, perspective and humour. Here goes my list.. not in the order of favourites, rather random. I love TJS George's columns in Indian Express, don't subscribe to his views always but love his humour and style. Arvind Lavakare's columns I value for his opinions which are similar to mine and his satirist style makes it immensely interesting. I've recently become a huge fan of Swaminathan Anklesaria Iyer. His articles on the recent global meltdown, general views on economy, both India and World perspective in fairly simple language (minus jargons) makes it comprehensive and very insightful. Shashi Tharoor's columns are delightful.. his perspectives are amazing, (his assignmnets in United nations no doubt) and has an easy writing style that makes it enjoyable. Well, these are my regular and favourites, I do occasionally enjoy reading Bachi Karkaria's Erratica, Tavleen Singh's Fifth Column and Jug Suraiya's Jugular vein.


R Swaminathan said...

Given the variety and diversity of subjects that you have been writing about in this blog, your journalistic talents match some of these columnists'

Raji said...

Thanks! that's an insult to all the columnists, although it did make me feel good for a few seconds!