November 1, 2008

An hour with a RJ

I went to participate in a discussion on 'Life Skills' for a new radio station in Chennai, called Chennai Live. Oh yes, I was representing the Art of Living organisation. Good fun it turned out to be.. and learning as well. Life for a RJ sounds so glamorous and when you actually meet them, and watch them do their job, you see erosion of the 'glam' quotient a bit. That apart, this new station is quite nice and I like their idea.. they invite couple of people (experts, they say) and have good, quality meaningful Q & A, during the breaks for a couple of minutes, not the superficial talking that many other stations do... I was told that they are targeting the educated population of Chennai, made me feel good for sure!!! And the good thing is they play English to Tamil songs in a 3:1 ratio which is such a welcome in Chennai. I do hope they stick to this format and not succumb like Radio City has.. Lets raise a toast to Chennai Live and more of their ilk!!!

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