November 2, 2008

Tamil Nadu and LTTE

I am very disturbed with this sudden solidarity shown by Tamilians in India towards the Tamilians in Lanka. I find it so wrong.. Yes, off late, the Sri Lankan army has apparently been ruthless even to tamil speaking civilians in their effort to end the strife in the war torn country.

Yes, there maybe a case of Human Rights violation and we can certainly protest that and pressurise the Sri Lankan government on that point. But we certainly cannot protest to the Sri Lankan government as Indian Tamils, we must do that as Indians.

When politicians resort to these cheap antics, it is understandable but I am concerned that many non political individuals and so called educated people have extended support for the Sri Lankan Tamils. This does does not augur well for India's foreign policy. A parallel will be drawn by Pakistan and they will liken our interference in Sri Lanka's internal matter as similar to Pakistan's stance of being concerned over the law and order in J & K while we all know that they indulge in cross border terrorism for years, in the name of freedom struggle of Kashmiris.

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