November 21, 2008

MSD and Indian cricket

Its a really a good phase for Indian Cricket and fans. We have an immensely talented captain in M S Dhoni who is also very lucky. Its amazing how successful he's been in all versions of the game.. Twenty20, ODI or a 5 day match. Seems almost too good to be true and Indians are surely not grumbling. Here, at last is a team that we can root for and not be betrayed like its been for indian fans, this past decade. Surprisingly, we've had stalwarts of the game but we've been very inconsistent and Consistency seems to be what M S Dhoni has brought to the team. 3 years ago I would not have thought he would be so good as a captain.. hats off to him. He has really brought the team together and in quick time. Ample evidence of these skills is in the way he handled the captaincy of the CSK team where he had less than a month. Not to mention the way he handled the pressure when CSK was down and had 'must win' matches in the IPL... The recent Oz series was brilliant and the Aussies were beaten loud and clear in all aspects of the game. Cheers to MSD and the team and look forward to many more successful tours within and outside India!!

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