November 27, 2008


Well, all of us have heard what's happening in Mumbai... And yes, this is isn't another terror strike that seems to be striking every other month in some Indian city or town... Surely, we all agree the magnitude and scale is very different. As media channels say, its actually a war that our NSG, etc are waging with very sophisticated and well equipped terrorists. What really disturbs me is a couple of things...

  • Why does it take >24 hours to flush out terrorists from buildings identified with a terror strike
  • What can we as citizens do to prevent such repeat incidents
  • What can governments, particularly Indian, do in the context of global terrorism
  • How prepared is our Police, army, NSG and everybody to handle such sophisticated terrorism

Its time, we, as citizens wake up to the reality facing our country. We need to become more aggressive, and hard nosed when dealing with terrorists. We can surely learn a thing or two from Israel on how they cut no deals with terrorists, storm airplanes or any place where hostages are taken, basically giving it back to them hard and staright. This soft nation strategy has taken us nowhere, infact has brought down our morale as a country. Take the case of the terrorists' audacity today, to use our own Police vehicle, have it driven at gun point by an Indian Policeman and shoot people on the roads from Police Jeep!!! Atrocious, isn't it? I mean, can't the Police man simply refuse? I know its easy to sit in the comfort of my house and pass opinions but I think we ought to cultivate the spirit of Do or Die amongst our security agencies. They appear to be as soft as civilians, which is not how they are trained in other countries.

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