November 3, 2010

A valid argument indeed!

Post the Commonwealth Games, there has been a lot of promise to clean up the cobwebs and bring in new blood into the Sports Associations/Bodies/Federations. Suddenly, it was discovered that all the office bearers of all Sport federations were above 70 years and that a retirement age must be put in place:). At the face of it, its a brilliant idea. But these shameless chiefs have turned the argument around and ask how come the same yardstick doesn't apply for political posts like the PM of the country, CMs of states, etc. I think this is a very valid point.

In a half hearted attempt to clean up the system, surely the politicians could have come up with a better idea, that will not boomerang on them and still keep these existing chiefs out of their posts?? How about proposing that the Chiefs can, at best have 2 terms at office? This can also boomerang on the politicians but atleast we will have a cap on the number of years these people can head Sports Bodies / country.

We need reforms in the political system very urgently.

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Meena said...

There is absolutely no attempt to clean up , just buy time with all kinds of gimmicks. To top it all , we get to hear sermons of morality from Italians .