November 3, 2010

Long Hiatus

Ahaa, I am back to my posting on the blog. I can't believe I haven't done a single post in two months! Seems ages since I even visited my blog.. I guess I have what is called the writer's block:-). There's been so much happening these past 8 weeks that I could have done two postings a day!

Anyway, I guess its time to write and enjoy the experience:). Well, these past two months have been hectic and enriching, both personally and professionally. And with regards to current affairs, there's been no dearth of interesting stories, right from CWG being a runaway success to being also most marred in scams and the plethora of other scams.

What is it with Indians? Why do we attract scams, as a country? Is there a deeper meaning? Is there a lack in our psyche or is the prevalent disparities too glaring?

Interesting to do some introspection, if not for anything, atleast for academic interest.

So, guys, do visit this blog often as I promise to post regularly:)

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