November 3, 2010


I had an opportunity to visit a small town called Baramti near Pune in Maharashtra last week. Its Pawar land and there is no mistaking or forgetting this fact, even for a moment. He has a demi God status among the locals there, and anybody I spoke to, across different strata, worship him like God! I found it very amusing at first, having been in a city all the time. I, for one, don't know who the local MP is and I don't see this hero worship amongst any of my city folks even if they are more politically educated than me!

There was so much pride in the driver who drove me around and said, "Saheb ne kiya hai". I met a Scientist who heads an Institute there and I quote "He works beyond human capabilities and is on a different plane"

Great job indeed. Apparently, the town has always had some history but Pawar saheb seems to have brought it on the India radar. There is quite a number of industries, namely, steel, dairy apart from the number of sugar factories that dot the skyline.

Reminded me of another occasion when I went to Gwalior and whole place was owned by the Scindias. I was struck by the adulation at that time too but I attributed it to them being part of the Royal family.

So, if each MP can take care of his constituency like some of these people, I guess India will have a great future. 

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Meena said...

While I keep wondering about the absurd sums swindled in various scams, some of it seems to get to the people after all. :)