February 25, 2010

My Chevy Beat

After a serious post, let me give you all a break with my first impressions of the Beat. I have been driving it for about three weeks now.. it sure feels much nicer than the Zen. I mean, its definitely more powerful as its a 1.2 cc engine and the higher seat gives me a better view of the road. The Beat design is great and I still get looks at every signal I stop and from passers bye. Also, I went for 'cocktail green' colour that quite stands out on the road:-).

The interiors feel good and I have gone in for a nice Pioneer music system that complements the Beat looks. Still need to add a few accessories and jazz it up a bit. The frontal view is a tad ugly, but on the whole I like the design and have grown to accept the bulky bonnet. I guess the roof rails and rear spoiler that I plan to add will make it look even nicer.

No, I have not checked the fuel mileage yet, its hardly done 500 Km; although that's almost the first question I get from most people. Nett, it looks like a good 'value for money', so far.


Odeen said...

I think you meant 1.2 Litre engine! Its a common error. The headlamps look different when seen from the sides...

Raji said...

Oh yes, its a mistake - its a 1.2 lt engine (1200 cc):-)