February 3, 2010

An amazing 3D experience

Finally made it to watching Avatar in 3D. Its simply a Wow experience. I am now so looking forward to watching regular TV in 3D. Apparently, IPL - 3 is going to be telecast in 3D. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. All those who have enjoyed movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc., will definitely love it..

I did check out 2D of some scenes and it was still good. But the 3D effect adds to the overall impact and is certainly not to missed. James Berardinelli says, this 3D effect is called 'immersive'. I kind of understand why... as audience we feel so much part of the movie that, after the movie, as we headed out to the basement to the parking lot, I almost felt I will now feel breathless in the basement as one of the final scenes was very similar:-).

Just head out and treat yourselves to this movie

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