November 25, 2009

Indo-US relationship

I am sure many of us watched our PM, Mr. Singh read out from some prepared text, with the US Prez looking over, in my opinion, with amusement. I was ashamed of the way in which he read out the text in an emotionless, with a dead pan, in a monotonous tone, with absolute no voice modulation whatsoever nor any animation of facial expression. What's with him? Can he get more unimpressive?

I think one of the most important qualities of a leader is to be able to articulate and talk extempore and be natural with the camera. And Mr. Singh has been on this job for so many years now, he should be able to carry himself with more aplomb. I could not but wonder at the contrast we had, the US Prez who is such a brilliant orator and our PM who sounded like a mouse with the microphone. I was more shocked because he is an intellectual and a well read person and for him to be so pathetic, is very funny.

I really look forward to the day when we will have a leader who can carry and present himself and showcase our country to the world. From the current lot, I can only see Rahul Gandhi donning the mantle, the sooner the better it will be for India.


Meena said...

Hi , while I agree our PM has this boring monotone, are we expecting too much ? Perhaps more Western ?

If you notice politicians in India , starting from Nehru to now have usually stuck to a very sing song way of delivering speech , be it in Hindi or English.Sonia has promptly adopted the same during her rallies. I am sure Rahul would do the same. However, he may modify while on foreign land. In my view , from the present crop of Politicians, Chidambaram has a very Indian style at the same time not embarassing us, the English educated lot.

Manikya Vikram said...

But I guess thats ok. You atleast have a PM who is effective, given the complex political situations & challenges the country is facing. He is certainly a leader who is respected world-over for steering the country through the economic mess the world has witnessed. We can't have it all.

Raji said...

That's true. We can't have it all. But I would hardly credit Mr. Singh for steering the country through the economic crisis. It was sheer good luck we didn't have much exposure to the economic crises that plagues the world since last year that has helped us scrape through largely, unhurt:-)