November 22, 2009


Its been a long time since I wrote about movies. I was keenly anticipating the release of Kurbaan and I was not disappointed. Its a very well taken movie. Don't get me snooty, but very rarely do I like Hindi movies for their finesse or class, I usually like them for the masala and entertainment for the 3 hours and nothing more. If they do make the grade, then its often classified in 'art film' category and does not come under mainstream cinema. This movie, in my opinion, actually dissolves this artificial barrier created in Bollywood between commercial and art cinema. This movie is 'commercial' cinema in Bollywood vocabulary but has all the elements of 'art' movie, right from performances to direction and storyline. The web is full of reviews about the movie, I will stick to my personal observations.

I see Karan Johar in a new light after this film, I thought he was only capable of making mushy mushy romantic stuff. For once, this movie gives some 'food for thought', to use a cliche. And the film deals with a topic so relevant in today's times - global terrorism. I particularly like the way the movie stays neutral and presents both sides of the coin. I must add that everyone in the cast has done their bit to make this movie stand apart. Kudos to the entire team and I look forward to many many more of such Hindi movies!

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