December 1, 2009

MAD - Making a Difference

What triggers activity in people and spurs them to go one notch up or many notches up? I mean, very often, most of us love to get into our comfort zone and keep growing, career wise, but maybe only at a Hindu rate of growth:-). What makes or triggers people to make quantum jumps in their lives? Ever wondered? If you notice, its people who make these leaps who really make a difference in their sphere and get noticed and end up leading very satisfying lives.

Oh yes, you got it, your truly, is now contemplating taking one of those leaps soon. Time will tell, if I rise above the tide and ride the waves or just float like driftwood:-). There's something cooking in my head and still not ready to get off the diving board! Curious? then watch this space..

1 comment:

priya said...

You'll ride the waves in style ...can't imagine you as driftwood .