November 1, 2009

Youth Power

I went for a wonderfully staged play called "Death" by the Chinmaya Youth wing. I was told it was very well done and not to be missed. So, my expectations ran high and I must say I was not disappointed, a wee bit. They brought out the essence of Katho-upanishad  the way it would appeal to todays' generation. I really enjoyed my evening and those I brought along, thanked me too!

I must give the youth full marks for managing it all by themselves, right from the car parking arrangements to ushering in guests and seeing them off. Speaks a lot about the commitment and responsibility they have taken. We were told how working for a play gave them the opportunity to learn many important skills like working in teams, taking leadership roles, developing organisation skills, apart from the values and wisdom gained through the research in making the play. Apparently, a topic is given to them and the youth are asked to do their own direction, screenplay, casting etc. with help from the Seniors of course. So they research the texts (they learn and read books that they would not otherwise:-)), and decide who is best doing which role (learn skills like team building, talent hunt).

Its an excellent way of channeling youth energy and enthusiasm. They learn values and also develop skills required to work in today's environment. True Youth Empowerment!

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