August 10, 2009

What connects Indians?

This is really a wonder, isn't it? Is it just a line on the map carving out the boundaries? If that's the case, how did we arrive at this boundary? We are such a diverse group of people with more than 600 dialects and so many languages and different cultures... So, what connects Indians? My husband used to always talk about this with great fascination.. He of course, held (or is it holds??:-)) the view that we are all bound by the Hindu way of life and that is what is common among the people, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Somnath to Shillong. So, he would argue the case for our country to be more appropriately called Hindustan.
I tend to more than agree with him on this point and I was therefore very excited when I heard my Guru say almost the same thing when he was on a temple tour to some of the most important temples in Tamil Nadu last week. HE spoke about the Jyotirlingas spread all over the country and the practice among devout Hindus to go to Kashi and bring the water to Rameshwaram and then again take this back to Kashi. HE said all this was one way of integrating the different regions and practices and HE further said that the practices can be different in the Shiva temple at Kedarnath and Rameshwaram but the essence was the same.
In my mind, this is the last word on the topic:)

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Raji said...

I also want to add that Hinduism is a way of life and not just a religion. And Hinduism has always been very inclusive in approach, and that's the best part... accomodates everybody and every viewpoint