August 16, 2009

Road often travelled:)

Ah yes! We decided to take a short break to Pondicherry this weekend. All my friends were surprised with our decision - what will you do there and haven't you seen all of Pondy by now, having been in Chennai for 10+ years now, its got the same muggy climate as Chennai, etc etc.

I am so glad I didn't listen to any of them!! It was perfect weather - cloudy - almost threatening to rain, but didn't.. We landed late afternoon on the saturday and headed for the beach. We walked about, sat awhile, soaked in the festivities of Independence Day celebrations and it was also The Mother's birthday. We did the usual souvenir shopping to end the evening.

The festive mood caught onto us and we decided to dine in one of the finest restaurants in town - The Promenade. Awesome food and we enjoyed the ambience and the spread. We capped the day by dancing at Risque - the Disco! The next day morning drew us back to the beach for a short walk and some tea at Le Cafe was just what we wanted to round off the morning at the beach.

We had a late breakfast and drove back to Chennai in time for lunch.. A perfect holiday, with no agenda and no places to see - simply chilled and unwound at Pondy. Check out some of the snaps


R Swaminathan said...

I object to the idea of my photographs being displayed to the whole world without my prior consent. This is a human rights violation.
Disclaimer: The person described as "Swamy" in some of the photographs is not me. Any resemblance to me is purely coincidental

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Meena said...

15th August was Sri Aurobindo's birthday.Great snaps. Why is swami protesting ??

Raji said...

Simple, Swamy wants only snaps of him taken 10 years ago!