August 6, 2009

Evolution of Man

Evolution is one of my most favourite subjects.. its so fascinating and full of intrigue! As a student of Biology, I had a fair share of reading to do and I devoured Dobzhansky and Charles Darwin and many classics on the subject. Of course, even today, nobody's theory has the final word on it and there are plenty of unanswered gaps to the existing theories and that's exactly why the topic remains so fascinating.. For example, to take a simple argument, we are told man evolved from apes.. and we all know the theory of 'survival of the fittest' and 'theory of natural selection' - then why are apes still around:)??. And the controversy surrounding introducing Intelligent Design in schools by the Bush administration kept the interest alive in public domain. Very recently, I read the latest issue on New Scientist which lists 'ten mysteries of you'... You can read the full article here
Its a very interesting list of ten things that all of us humans do which is quite strange by itself.. Wonder why we do any of these things and why hasn't it vanished if its a relic from our ancestors..


rajesh said...

who knows? ure the scientist...u tell us... J

Raji said...

I can only wonder, I have no answers:)