August 1, 2009

Health drink: Ginger Beer!

This is one of my favourite drinks:) and very simple to prepare and extremely healthy.. Usually, anything tasty is not healthy and vice versa, isn't it? Here goes the recipe.. take ginger, say about 200 gms, crush with a pestle or a heavy stone (always kept handy in an Indian kitchen), put in a mixie and blend with about half a glass of water. When smooth, filter out the fibres and heat the juice from the ginger for 2 minutes in a pan. Add about 200 gms jaggery (more if you want it sweeter), squeeze 2 ripe lemons and voila, your drink is ready. Its an excellent drink to rid your stomach with unwanted stuff and also removes flatulence.


narendra shenoy said...

My mom used to make somethng like this. Add pepper too, if I recall. Let me ask her....

Anyway, today is my day in the kitchen. Off I go to make this drink.

(And find out if it goes well with vodka :P"

Raji said...

How was ginger beer with vodka? Never tried that before