August 5, 2009


Substance abuse is such a serious issue among the sporting world. Its so unfair for those who follow rules and play the game in the true spirit vs those who have no scruples or ethics. Yes, we have these two kinds of people everywhere, in every sphere and profession. And we have adopted different systems to keep them under check. Among sportsmen, its the WADA code that has been accepted internationally by all iconic players, although its draconian and an intrusion into their privacy. But rules are rules and sometimes they are the price we need to pay to weed out corrupt elements in the game.
My point is, if star, iconic players like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Ronaldo etc. can sign on the dotted line, despite reservations, what's the big problem with our cricketers? Oh yes, we all know they are spoilt brats, pampered and they've always arm twisted and had their way. It will therefore be interesting to watch what happens this time round, what with ICC sticking to its guns. While our cricketers enjoy and bask in the glory that BCCI is today the most powerful voice for cricket, in the world, its ultimately because of the large millions of viewers back home in India, who have made this possible. Its sheer population that has catapulted them to such status among other cricketing nations and not some special talent in these individuals.

I am so ashamed of their latest show of muscle flexing that has become more frequent, offlate. Its time other nations call the bluff and give it to these players.

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