June 18, 2010

This is Life!!

Taking off from my previous post on Raajneeti, I am quite allergic to politics. I watch a lot of it happening around me, at work and elsewhere, and I always tell myself I am  not cut out for politics and steer clear from these goings-on around me! In other words, I attempt at being a 'witness' to these events and be amused by human tendencies:-)... But I guess, it sometimes gets into you and you get dragged unconsciously and before you know it, you gotta learn the rules of the game, like it or not!!

Well, yes, your truly, is currently caught up in one such storm! Believe me, its not pleasant but I am unable to wish it away:). Obviously I am not learning fast! Any ideas and suggetions are welcome. I know I have given no details but for obvious reasons, I can't. I really envy all those who enjoy politics. They are so well equipped to face the world.

I think I shall pick up a book and get some clarity soon. Meanwhile, I just wish the monsoon will arrive and the storm will pass.

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