June 27, 2010

Big Fat Wedding

We went as a big group to Bangalore for a marwari wedding, recently. Its been a long time since I did such a thing.... its usually a courtesy attendance for ~2 hours max and I get back to my routine... But this was different... We travelled, a motley group of 15 people by road, stayed in a lovely cottage all together, ate and hogged at lovely, yummy Bengali sandesh, rasagolla etc.. at lunch, breakfast, dinner, for all of two days.. My God, I ate so much in those two days!! I must mention here that Bengali sweets are my all time favourite and these were heavenly - the best I have had, out of Calcutta:-). 

After the formal wedding sangeet the previous day, we had our own sangeet at the cottage:-). Our noise levels were amazing, reminded me of college days.. 

And the best part was my first experience of highway driving... it felt great... And I was not tired and didn't feel any strain of driving... Its was a 350 km drive each way and I did ~550 km by myself, in two days. Uploaded some snaps that a friend sent me. I think the handsome green Chevy is also there in one of the snaps in the background.

I realised that's what weddings are all about - party time... dunno if its as enjoyable for the couple, but as friends we had a great time. And its a big fat wedding for me, personally, I dread to think how many weeks its going to take to undo and burn the calories consumed.

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