June 15, 2010

The bug has got to me too!!!

Yes, I have also come under the spell of the ongoing world cup in South Africa. Its only natural, I guess, unless one wants to rebel and deliberately shut out the din (pun intended!) around the World Cup! In my case I have an added reason, I live with a human being who definitely goes beserk and mad, unfailingly, once every four years.. All our conversations and schedules and lifestyle for the next month revolves around the matches!! He wants a holiday but it has to be after July 11, can't possibly holiday during World Cup, what blasphemy:)

Home apart, the newspapers are full of them... so are other media. I really am happy that media have some pleasant things to report rather than their half baked scoops that they resort to... I am also following some players and teams... doing my bit, to get educated, to have a decent conversation at home, for the next one month.

I was travelling in Kerala 3 weeks ago and they already had banners and posters of their favourite teams and players, not to mention the jerseys... Kerala is quite unique among other Indian States .... each town / district has their favourite teams and players.. I mean they have official teams... these are prominently displayed along main thoroughfares and the locals apparently fight over the teams the town must support:). I was passing through north Kerala and saw only Argentina and Maradona then. Messi has not reached Indian shores yet!!

The Vuvuzela horn, native to Africa is probably nice to hear at the start and end of the game, maybe it can be used instead of the whistle, but having them right through the game may actually cause damage to our ear drums... Its at a frequency that borders on being unpleasant, much like the ultrasonic sound of the bat, the chalkpiece screeching on the black board at some angles.. I do hope they shut that drone out soon, its apparently louder for us poor mortals watching on TV, than for those who are watching it live!

Its too early to have my favorite team, will hopefully pick a team soon!


priya said...

What an apt description . I have two of those homo sapiens going beserk in my home too .

Raji said...

Hahaa, I am glad I have company to exchange notes

Raji said...
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priya said...

So have you picked a favourite ?