June 17, 2010

Hindi Cinema is growing up!

I happened to watch Raajneeti couple of days back, yes, "happened" because there was a hidden agenda to remain awake for the Brazil match:-). But I am not complaining, its a well made film. Completely mainstream cimema but without the trappings of a song and dance sequence, and very unlike hindi films of yore.. Its hugely inspired from the epic, Mahabharata. And that's the beauty of the epic - it has managed to stay evergreen and is so relevant for every generation, and has remained so, for centuries.. It speaks of the very basic nature of a human mind, that has not surprisingly changed much, since the time of the Epic. Amazing, isn't it?

Raajneeti is well done, a trifle long, but I managed to stay awake all of 3 hours, that too a night show, that speaks for itself!! Also, I am not a person who is fascinated by politics and their manipulative, vengeful ways, but the movie manages to hold the audience with a good screenplay and cast. Although some of them are not upto the mark, Nikhila Trikha who plays Samar's mom was quite comical in her most important scene. Quite a number of stars had a role in the movie and its my first Kat Kaif movie. She looks pretty but I think she looks dolled up and doesn't come out as intelligent.

Apparently, its doing well in the box office too, usually good movies that I end up liking are often in the category of 'flops':-). So, here's to more such movies that don't insult our intelligence...

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