August 27, 2010

We will be like this only!

I refer to the latest controversy surrounding bauxite mining by the Vedanta group in Orissa. Although I know very little of the technical aspects of the proposal, it is evident that the Environment Ministry's action has nothing to do with the technical specifications / guidelines, rather to do with vote bank politics.

Two days prior to the rejection by the ministry itself, there were reports that Rahul Gandhi would be visiting Orissa and the tribals at Niyamgiri hills and rejection of Vedanta's mining proposal was a foregone conclusion. So, Congress is already in election mode, they are trying to woo the tribals and get their votes... So, it pays the Congress to keep them in poverty and if possible keep them as tribals forever, else, their winning in Orissa is at jeopardy. How typical!

Although vote bank poilitics is not new to anybody in India, it however shocks me when its as blatant as this, and at the cost of development, in that region. Will we never grow up?? Is there no hope?? How hypocritical it is when our government makes speeches from Red Fort and where have you, on how serious they are about dealing with naxalism and maoists!! On the contrary, isn't this action nurturing and supporting the movement?

I am hugely disappointed with Rahul Gandhi. I really thought he was different, and was well meaning, and had the country's interests ahead of the party's... All my hopes are dashed, as Wooster would have said:)

I want reforms in our political system. This is one reform no current MP will support!

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