August 11, 2010

The month that went by

I have been quite irregular in posts lately... Not that there is any dearth of topics to write about, just didn't find enough time to collect my thoughts.. So, here goes... wrap up of the month that went by..

I was terribly aghast and horrified to note that the Census has decided to club beggars, housewives and prostitutes under the "economically non-productive" category!! The Supreme Court, rightly, has not taken this well and has questioned the authorities responsible for this. Believe me, I am no feminist, woman activist, nor the housewife, in any sense of the term, but this is the most derogatory, offensive abuse a woman in India can be subjected to... But what beats me is the complete lack of attention in the media, who otherwise are quite adept at making mountains out of molehills. And where have all the women activists, women rights' forum, etc doing?

As expected, the scams surroundings various contracts awarded in the Commonwealth Games hogs the news channels these days. We just don't get to hear about the Indian contingent and their preparations and chances at medals etc.. Isn't this funny? But then I guess its going the IPL-way... Media and public are more interested in Lalit Modi and Sharad Pawar's wheeler dealings and court room action, than on players and teams... And after a point, they forget and corrupt officials get away with this "short term public memory", just like politicians do.

There are a number of movies I want to watch, Inception, Peepli Live, are top in the list..

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