August 23, 2010

Opposite values are Complementary, indeed!

I had the most unique experience of getting ready and pack up to catch an early morning train, only to find out that my ticket was waitlisted and couldn't board!! I couldn't believe it, I have heard many people recount such experiences but I have never faced this before... Its just too disappointing, imagine not being able to do the work you set out out for the day, and that too on a monday morning!! And I woke up early, cooked and completed morning chores only to find that I have to go back home.. It was very difficult to be there on the platform and watch the train depart with you standing with your bag:(. And the agent who promised you the ticket refusing to take your call:(. I was thoroughly disappointed and despondent.

Realising I had to get on with the day, I got out of the station to hail an auto. But to my delight, there was a AC bus, part of local public transport that was waiting at the bus stop. This bus stops bang opposite my house! I jumped in like a child and chose my seat. It was empty, save for another gentleman. This is my first bus ride in more than 11 years in the city and its my first ever ride in an AC bus:). I was so thrilled with the experience that I almost forgot the disappointment of not getting on the train! 

As H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar often says, opposite values are complementary, two sides of the same coin.  

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