December 31, 2009

Ganga - Tera Paani Nirmal

Couldn't resist blogging about this!! Our dear Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment and Forests, often shoots from the hip.. but this is really the best I have read so far... He says very grandly that he will ensure a free-flowing and clean Ganga by 2020!!! His government will pump in 15,000 crores towards this. Wow, isn't it?

Does he read the papers about the alarming rate at which Gaumukh, the glacier from which Ganga gets its water, is receding? You can read his article that appeared in IE. Honestly, it should have appeared in the Comic Strip section:-)

Reasonable estimates suggest that by 2025, the Ganga will cease to be perennial river and instead become a seasonal river. But our man does nothing to stop the receding glacier but is going to pump 15,000 crores to save a river that will be non existent for most months in a year, if we don't take corrective steps.

What a bunch of ignorant people run this country.. we have one minister whose tweets make more news than his performance in office. We have another whose sense of priorities leaves one dumbfounded (the article above). We have another Minister who spends more time in her home state - as a CM-in-waiting role than the Minsitry she ought to run.


--Jignyanshu -- said...

just a diverse opinion..wht ever written by u its absolutely right..but..
3 ministers u referred at last from them 2 are some highly educated ..i wil rather say they are some of the rare breed of those politicians who are from elite class of educated least they give some value to the postions rather than those cheap politicians..( just a opinion)

Raji said...

Yes, I had very high hopes on them too (although I don't subscribe to the party they belong), but they have disappointed me, so far.