May 29, 2009


Its been long time since my last post.. My world was rather chaotic and topsy turvy with a major renovation project we did at home. Didn't realise the magnitude of the project till the men (masons, painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. etc.) raided our home and made it theirs. Anyway, will keep that for later.
What really caught my attention now was the utter brazenness of the Tamil Nadu CM to appoint his son MK Stalin as the Deputy CM!! I am aghast, shocked. Oh yes, I knew it was coming and so did most people of the State but the timing has left me shaken, not stirred:-). Our grand old man is actually dividing his share between his sons like its all his property... centre to Azhagiri and state to Stalin.. This is amazing shamelessness... but thinking aloud with you, what does this man need any shame for?? He is ensuring his sons get the lion's share, in case, any grand nephew, party worker has better ideas!!

Surely, he is not alone in India...

Many friends from other states have always accosted me with this question "What's wrong with you people, can't you guys be more sensible in TN?". I have always been ashamed and defensive of these politicians, but a cursory glance at the MPs in the current Lok Sabha reveals this dynastic trend in every state... we have sons and daughters of Gandhis, Pilots, Abdullahs, Sangmas, Pawars, Dutts, Scindias, Gowdas, Rama Raos ruling us... On the whole... its simply disgusting!! Whoever said India has a Democracy??


R Swaminathan said...

I completely disagree with you. Both Azhagiri and Stalin have been democratically elected by the people of their constituencies. So I think there is nothing undemocratic about their elevations. After all lakhs of people have voted for both of them. If they get the votes of their people, then how can you disqualify them just because they happen to be born to Mr. Karunanidhi? That would be really undemocratic. If DMK continues to win elections then it obviously means that the majority of the Tamil population wants Stalin to be elevated. Do you want to go against the people's verdict ?

Raji said...

Well, you can disagree with me! Yes, these people have got elected... but how?? Because their parents either parted with their constituency and made way for children or because the party machinary has been pressed into service to ensure victory. This can hardly be called democracy:-).. but your post has prompted me to blog a sequel to this post.. Watch this space:-)