January 27, 2010

Going Green!

Just discovered another new product to reduce our carbon footprint, at an individual level. All of us use printers at work /home and since low cost re-fillers are bad and unreliable, we all resort to buying new HP cartridges, although they are prohitively priced. But we now have an alternative to buying new cartridges - a company that reconditions and recharges the used cartridge at half the cost and comes with a 100% guarantee and a money back option in case we don't like the product. They even claim to replace the printer in case their product causes any damage to the printer! Tall claims, yeah?? I thought so too... But I am now convinced that this is the way to go, for cartridges. You must all check their website http://www.cartridgeworld.in/ for more details. They have information of how this contributes to saving our planet and reducing our oil consumption!

I  visited their store at Kodambakkam (kodambakkam@cartridgeworld.in) and am impressed with their professional service.

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