January 28, 2010

My Chiti Chiti Bang Bang!

I have been driving the Zen for ~10 years now (not the same car:-)) and its time to change and move on. Unfortunately, Maruti does not make this model anymore. To date, I think its really the most handsome car in this segment. There have been so many new cars on the road offlate, but there is none to match this jelly-bean design. I guess the contemporary design is more the macho, rugged yet sporty look, that were typically in SUVs. Having sold the Zen, I am suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and feel a bit sad.. No, I am not a sentimental types, its just that I feel maybe, I could have used it for another two years as it was in quite a good condition. My little niece's oft repeated refrain is to take her in my 'blue' car, she will soon have to learn another colour:-).

I have decided to be a little adventurous and buy the latest hatch by General Motors - Beat. General Motors does not have a great reputation but my guess is Beat could beat that:-). If I am right, I will have a winner in my hands! I am not thinking about the other possiblity:-). I have asked for sprightly green and I am looking forward to driving it around, and paint the town Green! There are already hints at home of wanting to drive the Beat and I get shortchanged with an older car. I will hear none of it!

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