January 29, 2009

My Guru

Well, Guruji came to Chennai for a Maha Satsang after a gap of two years and what an evening it was... Being a part of the organizing team, there was so much activity as run-up to the programme and so much fun and learnings! We had a full house at the Teachers' College Grounds on the 28th. We had a taste of Music, experienced meditation which was followed by plenty of Q & A. Guruji stressed on how imperative it was for all of us to get together on the genocide happening in Sri Lanka. He said, in the past two days, >800 innocent civilians have died in Sri Lanka. He asked us to all work on getting a ceasefire and end the conflict through dialogue.

He asked the youth and all present to take a day out every month for Service. He said this was the only way to end poverty. He called upon all of us present to organize ourselves and get started with Service programmes in groups of 10 /15 and Make a Difference to Society.

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