January 21, 2009

Messengers of Peace in Chennai

I was quite excited to hear H.H. Dalai Lama in the University of Madras on 21st Jan 2009. His talk was on Peace and Happiness.. so apt and important in the current scenario. I personally was struck by his amazing humility and clarity in thought. He spoke from his heart, with such feeling and genuineness, that was obvious to all present.

He very beautifully brought out the point of Human Values being beyond the domain of religions. He said, its basically a combination of a biological function (caring, affection as shown by a parent to a new born - not restricted to human beings but in the animal kingdom), Mind (realisation and awareness of Reality). He elaborated and said that a biased mind cannot see reality. He said that modern education pays too much attention on the development of head, but not much on the heart.

He had a message for the youth, 21st century belongs to us. He said the youth were the foundation to create through education, a Peaceful World. He said there were 3 types of education - education by learning / hearing; education by reflection & education by meditation. He said the second was very important - to reflect on on all that one reads and hears..

There were some memorable quotes and stories of his personal life that I think I will share on my next post. To use the cliche, watch this space!!

To continue on this note, I would like to invite readers to an important Event on 28th January at the Teachers' College Grounds, Saidapet, Chennai to make our Stand for Global Peace in the presence of H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at 6.30 pm

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