December 11, 2011

Mullaiperiyar or Mullaperiyar??

As the debate rages between Tamil Nadu & Kerala, I wonder why so much hue and cry is being made when there is no case, apparently. From what I read in the papers (I am not an expert / pseudo expert in this matter:-)), there seem to be a couple of issues for which there are ready answers.

Kerala says "the dam is unsafe as its very old" - Fair enough, they have also said they plan to build a new one.. So, let them build.

Kerala says "it will build a new one but with reduced height..." - Totally unfair and against the SC ruling.

Tamil Nadu says "if Kerala will build a new dam but with reduced height, we will rather have status quo" - Fair enough. Point noted..

So, the simple solution is for a new dam with the height as dictated by SC... a win win for all.. Where is the need to fight and build tensions?

But Kerala is flexing their muscles through few Central Ministers from their state, not to mention a number of key Babus who occupy prime positions in North & South Block.

Poor poor Tamil Nadu:-( we have none to represent our case at the Centre, we have only those who are concerned about their personal cases.

So, its Mullaiperiyar or Mullaperiyar, depending on which side you are on!

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