October 15, 2011

Arvind Kejrival & Diggy Singh

Much as Arvind Kejrival will like to deny it, his recent sound bytes indicate that he ought to be in politics. Or rather, he is already a politician! One of the main qualifications of a standard politician is to contradict oneself and excel in doublespeak. Diggy Singh is a role model for many of his ilk, I am sureJ
Lets see what Arvind Kejrival has been saying in 2011
"Anna is above Parliament"; on hindsight, added, "every citizen is above Parliament".

On Lokpal being part of the constitutional structure; he rubbished it as "reducing Lokpal to a Jokpal".
 "Civil Society has the right to question Parliament".
But after the embarrassing statement of Prashant Bhushan on J&K, he says, "J&K is a complex situation, and decision should be within the constitutional framework".
See, what I mean?? He has come a full circle... suddenly he seems to see value in our constitution. God help us!

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Raji said...

Arvind Kejrival ought to be in silence, merely wearing a cap proclaiming "I am Anna" is not enough! He needs to start imbibing values from him. Getting into silence could be a good starting point.