October 11, 2009

A Century and Not out!

Guys, I just hit a hundred:-). I can't believe I have actually done 100 posts!! Appears to be quite a feat. And like most batsmen, I was looking at the score once I hit the nineties and was in a tearing hurry to race to 100. I just hope I don't get out like most batsman do:-)

Looking at the labels, I seem to lean on current affairs and philosophy, mostly. Science comes a close third:-). On the whole, my experience has been very satisfying, being able to put down my thoughts, in words. And its my friends and family who egged me on, by leaving comments and encouraging me to write.

At 100, if I am asked say one sentence, I would say, its very nice to blog and an excellent way to give vent to your views and opinions about anything and everything under the Sun. So, all of you out there, just start blogging if you haven't started yet.

I would really like your comments on the posts and the blog


narendra shenoy said...

Congratulations! And keep blogging for all of us out here!

Meena said...

Thats perhaps the quickest 100 Raji. Keep it up. The posts here have been informative,entertaining and most of all current on issues.I look forward to the next ton .Good luck.

priya said...

Great going Raji .I do enjoy your blogs .