September 19, 2009

Environmental Activism

I have always been exposed to environmental activism as part of my job and I have heard their arguments in meetings and through their articles/posts on the net. And still I was appalled and shocked at their levels of understanding of the very cause they appear to be championing last week when I met one such!! I wonder what spurs them on!! I mean, I really appreciate the genuiness in some and the audacity and ignorance in most. But wouldn't one think that its important to study the subject thoroughly before championing the cause?? But time and again, these activists never make much headway because of the lack of substantiation.

But I must acknowledge that activism does play a positive role in many fields and has brought about some semblance of accountability. But most environmental activists worth the name has still to achieve the kind of credibility that would make policy makers /scientists sit up and take stock of what is being said/ written. My Professor put it very nicely, "the day these so-called ecologists shift from a 'don't do ecology' to a 'do ecology' mindset, that's when they will have succeeded in their job". So true, if you really notice, all they talk about is what not to do, they offer no solutions to the problems and what can be done..

So, why don't they just get their act together?? And what motivates them?? Anybody cares to answer /comment??

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