February 3, 2009

Slumdog Millionnaire

Finally, got to see the movie with friends. Awesome movie. For a regular review, check out other sites.. I 'm gonna give some reflections, not a review, I had from the movie...
The movie brought back memories of my childhood days in Bombay, the dirt and filth in the slums, the drudgery of the have-nots.. But its an immensely positive film and portrays the protagonist as an eternal optimist.
His successes in life and on the game show were so real and poignant. It was a novel idea to explain how Jamal got his answers right, not from books he didn't read, not from the school he didn't go, but from his own personal life's tribulations of living in a slum and eeking out a livelihood as a kid. On a more philosophical note, Jamal begins to play the game with total abandon... not to win... he simply enjoys being there... (actually he joins the show to touch base with his loved one)...
All in all, its a must see for a movie buff and all Mumbaikars!

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