June 24, 2008

My Flix.com

Lot of us get to read Top 10 or 100 movies of the year or All time Top 100 movies.. Well, this post is a little different.. Here is my list of Top 10 movies that come to my mind as I set out to do this post today. So, these are not necessarily the 'Top 10' movies but movies that have a lasting impression on me

Sound of Music
Shawshank Redemption
Roman Holiday
Ben Hur
Lord of the Rings
Taare Zameen Par
For a few Dollars more
Battle of the Bulge

The list does look quite 'eclectic', but most of these are movies I've watched more than once and have been amazed at how involved and entertaining they were each time. if any of you haven't seen these, you must go watch them right away.

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